Edmund Kelleher

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This space outlines my research interests and ongoing activities in the field of photonics, nonlinear optics and laser science, undertaken within the Department of Physics, Imperial College London. You can also find a complete list of my publications and a recent curriculum vitae, or access my Google Scholar profile. Openings are advertised here. Links can be found here.

Latest news –

IoP recognises fibre laser technology in 2015 awards

Dr Edmund Kelleher recently awarded 2015 Paterson Medal by the Institute of Physics in recognition of "his many contributions to pulse-width and wavelength-versatile fibre-based photonic sources". Extended profile piece can be found here.

Edge-state absorption could explain ultrafast lasers based on MoS2-nanoflakes

Recent work published in Optics Express and Nano Research, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, suggests edge-state absorption could explain observations of saturable absorption in MoS2-nanoflakes at photon energies below the material bandgap, leading to ultrafast lasers based on LPE-composites of the nanomaterial.

NSFC awards Research Fund for International Young Scientists

The NSFC will support a project, under the auspices of the Research Fund for International Young Scientists, between Nanjing University and Imperial College London to study the nonlinear optical effects of graphene-fuctionalised plasmonic nanostructures.

Royal Society International Exchange Scheme grant

A collaborative project between the University of British Columbia and Imperial College London to develop a femtosecond fibre-based mid-IR light source – a small component of a much larger experiment focused on trARPES – is to be supported by a two-year Royal Society International Exchange Scheme grant.